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Awake 2.0

Awake 2.0 (2014)

for 14 players (1111.1110.1perc.pno.2111)

duration 8’30”

Premiered by BCN216 Ensemble conducted by Xavier Puig
at l’Auditori Sala 2, Barcelona, on May 20th 2014.

Program notes

Awake 3.0 is an interpretation of the limits between the conscious and unconscious, an exploration of the transitional moment were the state of alert is lost. I begaun to sketch this piece in Finland and I was inspired by the long winter nights I spent in Helsinki, composing and resisting the dozing temptation. After a breakbriefly distancing myself from the piece, I finalized it with the present format in New York. Its departureing point is the imagery of flickering of lights over reflecting frozen surfaces in the darkness and its hypnotic effects.

Score available at:

Theodore Front Musical Literature – Awake 2.0