Tomàs Peire Serrate




Meeting (2018)

for alto saxophone and ensemble (1111.1110.11111)

duration 10 minutes

In the Spring of 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine Krown Klein at the recipients’ ceremony of her award. I was impressed by her kindness, generosity, and especially by the love with which she spoke of towards the many scholars that she has been unconditionally supporting for more than 30 years. In her own words: her family. This incredible gesture motivated myself
as well as friends Maxim Kuzin and Matthew Lombard, also recipients of the scholarship in that year, to collaborate on a new project, creating, performing and conducting an original work.
In addition to being a philanthropist, Elaine is also an artist, and during a visit to her place she showed me one of her creations: a big bronze sculpture entitled “Meeting” that conveys the idea of people's reunion and gathering. It was a perfect spark to trigger the inspiration for writing this piece.

Premiered at the UCLA Schoenberg Hall, on May 14th of 2018.

Matthew Lombard, Alto Saxophone

UCLA students ensemble conducted by Maxim Kuzin.

Irwin Hui, flute
Darren Lou, clarinet
Ryan Chou, oboe
Stephen Ryder, bassoon
Will Grace, french horn
Troy Kutch, trumpet
Chris Routh, trombone
Xenia Deviatkina-Loh, Jennifer Cho, violin
Viola You, viola
Jeffrey Ho, cello
Armando Wood, contrabass

Meeting is dedicated to Elaine Krown Klein.

Meeting premiere
Meeting premiere
Meeting sculpture
Meeting sculpture