Tomàs Peire Serrate




Senyals (2017)

for soprano, flute, guitar, and cello.

Duration 10 minutes

Commissioned by the VIPA festival and premiered by the Smash Ensemble at the Auditorium of the “Joaquin Rodrigo” Conservatory of Valencia, Spain, on July 8th 2017.

Carola Schlüter, soprano
Richard Craig, flute
Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete, guitar
Emmanuel Acurero, violoncello

Program notes

Senyals, or signals, were used by Ausiàs March to refer to the woman to whom he was addressing his love poems, so he could hide their real names. These signals were included at the beginning of the last verse of each poem of his Cants d’Amor (love songs). March´s love poetry consists in five cycles, most likely related to five different women, for whom he consistently used five different signals. This piece is inspired by these signals and the different emotions and thoughts each of them recalls from the complete original poems.

Translated text


Plena de seny, dir-vos que us am no cal
puix crec de cert que us ne teniu per certa
si bé mostrau que us està molt coberta
cella perquè amor és desigual.

Full of common sense to tell you that I love you is not needed
since I think you already know it
although you hide this a lot
because love is uneven.


Llir entre cards, vos sabeu i jo sé
que es pot bé fer hom morir per amor
creure de mi que so en tal dolor
no fareu molt en dar-hi plena fe.

Lily among thorns, you know and I know
you can make one die for love
to believe that I´m in such pain
you will not believe.


Amor, amor, un hàbit m´he tallat
de vostre drap vestint-me l’ esperit,
en lo vestir molt ample l’he sentit
e fort estret quant sobre mi és posat.

Love, love, a habit I cut
of your cloth to dress my spirit,
dressed in very broad I´ve felt it
and strongly narrow when is put on me.


Mon darrer bé, de vos jo guart la fi
quant del present me trob ésser content
e si’m veig trist per algun cas present
res venidor trobar no’s pot en mi.

My last well, I see you in the end
how much of this I find myself being happy
and if I´m sad for some case
nothing coming can be find on me.


O foll amor, en dolor so caigut
com no veig hom qui parle bé de vos
e sent-ne tals que n’han justes clamors
Déu guard a mi de ser en tal vengut!

Or crazy love in pain I’ve fallen
As I do not see a man who speaks well of you
And being such his just cries
God keep me to be in such a coming!

(translation by the composer)