Tomàs Peire Serrate




Toccata (2016)

for piano

Duration 4 minutes

Premiered by José Menor at the Borough New Music Series, London, on October 3rd, 2017.

Program notes

I grew up playing the piano and from the beginning it was quite natural to me to write music for my instrument. However, after I decided later on to focus in composition, I didn’t write any solo piano piece for a long time. I believe I felt too conscious and overwhelmed by the task. When I met José Menor in New York few years ago, I had the inspiration to write again for piano and immediately I thought on a Toccata for him. The piece is based on a five-note motive that by iterating evolves and explores different ways. I wanted to write a difficult piece, challenging, but also, hopefully, fun to perform and to listen.

Score available at:

Theodore Front Musical Literature – Toccata